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Piggies After Dark : Provocative

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Pinky violet night time glow with a sparkly chameleon effect of pink, magenta, violet, and gold.


20 grams of highly pigmented glow powder, created exclusively for Fluid Art. Developed as a perfectly sized particulate, mica-based product that will not sink or fade when mixed well with pouring mediums and resin.

The containers of PAD will not be full as we sell by weight, not volume, which is a legal requirement for dry goods. Aside from the pigment settling in transit, all pigments have different densities and therefore the volume will vary by colour. You are guaranteed to receive a full 20g of pigment. 

*Images have been edited to reduce glare and show the colour of the pigment when used with a pouring medium or wetting agent. Without the edited imagery, the series of interference pigments would look the same and white in colour.  

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